Easy Photo Management Tool for Newbies

2012/11/03 15:16

I releaesd Simple Photo Binder, which is a system to manage photo albums on your server. It completely automates a series of operations to make your photos viewable through Internet.

Simple Image Converter for Photo Newbies

2012/09/15 20:24

I'm a newbie of digital photography and taking pictures of my family everyday. However, I'm not an enthusiast and always make many mistakes about exposure, white balance, and other settings. I usually use compact cameras, which tends to lead under exposure, which result in dark, low-contrast, and sleepy pictures.

vector vs. multimap for sorting

2011/11/14 17:39

When you sort some data, you might be wondered between std::vector and std::multimap as the container. In the former strategy, you stores objects into a std::vector (implemented as array) to call std::sort for its elements and then fetch each element from the beginning. In the latter strategy, you stores objects into a std::multimap (implemented as RB-tree) and then fetch each element from the beginning. Which is faster?

More Concurrent MapReduce

2011/06/28 22:43

Although the MapReduce framework of Kyoto Cabinet runs just on one local machine, it is meaningful to take advantage of multi CPU cores by using multi threads. Because such threading features are managed implicitly by the framework, application programmers do not have to consider them.

Message Queue over the Memcached Protocol

2011/06/22 19:58

I explained how to realize message queueing in the previous article. This time, I explained how to make it easy in actual operation of Web services. I realized it over the memcached protocol by using the memcached pluggable server of Kyoto Tycoon.

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