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City of Mountain View
—  City  —
City Hall (市役所) and the Center for the Performing Arts (舞台芸術)

Seal (封印)
Location (場所) of Mountain View within Santa Clara (サンタクララ) County, California
Coordinates (連動する) : 37°23′34″N 122°2′31″W / 37.39278°N 122.04194°W/ 37.39278; -122.04194Coordinates: 37°23′34″N 122°2′31″W / 37.39278°N 122.04194°W/ 37.39278; -122.04194
Country United States
State California
County Santa Clara
Incorporated (〜を組み込む) November (11月) 7, 1902
 • Mayor (市長) Jac Siegel
 • Total 12.273sqmi ( 31.788km2)
 • Land 11.995sqmi ( 31.068km2)
 • Water 0.278sqmi ( 0.720km2) 2.26 %
Elevation (高度) 105ft ( 32m )
Population ( 2010 )
 • Total 74,066
• Density (密度) 6,000/sqmi ( 2,300/km2)
Time zone (時間帯) PST (UTC-8)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC-7)
ZIP code (郵便番号) 94035, 94039-94043
Area code (局番) ( s ) 650
FIPS code (コード) 06-49670
GNIS feature ID 0277611
Website (ウェブサイト) http ://

Mountain View is a city in Santa Clara County, in the San Francisco Bay Area (サンフランシスコ湾岸地帯) of California. It is named for (〜に由来する) its views of the Santa Cruz (サンタクルーズ) Mountains ().[2] The city shares its borders with (〜との国境) the cities of Palo Alto (パロアルト), Los Altos (ロスアルトス), and Sunnyvale (サニーベール), as well as Moffett Federal Airfield (飛行場) and the San Francisco Bay (サンフランシスコ湾). As of the 2010 census (人口調査), the city had a population of 74,066.

Situated (〜を置く) in Silicon Valley (シリコン・バレー), Mountain View is home to many high technology (ハイテク) companies. In 1956, Shockley Semiconductor (半導体) Laboratory (実験室), the first company to develop silicon (シリコン) semiconductor devices (装置) in what came to be known as Silicon Valley, was established in (〜に落ち着かせる) the city by William Shockley. Today, many of the largest technology companies (技術系企業) in the world are headquartered in (本部は〜にある) the city, including the Fortune (財産) 1000 companies Google (グーグル), Symantec, and Intuit (直観する).

Contents (内容)

[edit (編集する)] History

The Mexican (メキシコの) land grant (土地払い下げ) of Rancho (牧場労働者の小屋) Pastoria de las () Borregas was given in 1842 by Alta California Governor (知事) Juan Alvarado (アルバラド) to Francisco Estrada. This grant (授与されたもの) was later passed on to (〜に移る) Mariano Castro (カストロ), who sold half of the land to Martin (マルチン) Murphy (マーフィーゲーム), Jr. Eventually (結局), the former land grant became the cities of Mountain View and Sunnyvale.

Mountain View had its beginnings in the late 19th (19分の1の) century as a stagecoach (駅馬車) stop on the route (路線) between San Francisco and San Jose (サンノゼ). Incorporated on November7, 1902, the town's early growth (成長) was due to agriculture (農業), which remained the primary (最初の) industry into the middle of the 20th (第20の) century. After World WarII, the population grew significantly (かなり) with the development of (〜の開発を機に) the aerospace (航空宇宙) and electronics (電子工学) industries.[3] Between 1950 and 1960, the population grew from (〜から成長する) 6,563 to 30,889, an increase of 370.7 % .

Today, high technology is the basis of (〜の中心となる) the local economy (地域経済) and there are few remnants (面影) of the agricultural (農業の) past.

[edit] Geography

Mountain View is located at (〜にある) 37°25′19″N 122°5′4″W / 37.42194°N 122.08444°W/ 37.42194; -122.08444 (37.42223, −122.08429).[4]

According to the United States Census Bureau (米国勢調査局), the city has a total area (総面積) of 12.3 square miles (スクエアマイル) ( 31.8km ) . 12.0 square miles ( 31.1km ) of it is land and 0.3 square miles ( 0.7km ) of it ( 2.26 % ) is water.

Mountain View is located (示す) on the San Francisco Peninsula (半島), at the north end of State Route (州道_号線) 85, where it meets U.S. Route 101. The historic route El Camino Real (王の道) also runs through (通過する) Mountain View. It is bounded to the northwest (西北に) by Palo Alto, to the southwest (南西) by Los Altos, to the southeast (南東) by Sunnyvale, to the northeast (北東) by Moffett Federal Airfield, and to the north (北に) by the San Francisco Bay.

[edit] Climate

Mountain View has a Mediterranean (地中海) climate (Köppen climate classification (分類) Csa: dry-summer subtropical (亜熱帯の) ) . Summers are warm (暖かい) and dry (乾いた), while winters () are mild (優しい) and wet (〜を湿らす).

Climate data for Mountain View, California
Month Jan Feb Mar (マルス) Apr May Jun (チュン) Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 57
( 14 )
( 17 )
( 18 )
( 21 )
( 23 )
( 25 )
( 26 )
( 26 )
( 26 )
( 23 )
( 18 )
( 14 )
( 20.9 )
Average low °F (°C) 39
( 4 )
( 6 )
( 8 )
( 8 )
( 11 )
( 13 )
( 14 )
( 14 )
( 13 )
( 10 )
( 7 )
( 4 )
( 9.3 )
Precipitation (落下) inches (身長) ( mm ) 3.24
( 82.3 )
( 80.8 )
( 67.3 )
( 22.6 )
( 8.9 )
( 2.8 )
( 0.8 )
( 2.0 )
( 4.8 )
( 21.6 )
( 46.5 )
( 58.7 )
( 399.1 )
Source : http :// (天気).com/outlook (見解)/travel/businesstraveler/wxclimatology/monthly (月刊誌)/graph (グラフ)/94041

[edit] Downtown

Centennial (100周年) Plaza (広場) at the Downtown Mountain View Station

Mountain View has a pedestrian-friendly (歩行者に優しい) downtown centered on (〜を中心とする) Castro Street (カストロ通り). The downtown area consists of the seven (7の) blocks (ブロック) of Castro Street from the Downtown Mountain View Station transit (通過) center in the north (北に) to the intersection (交差) with El Camino Real in the south. The transit center links the Caltrain commuter (通勤者) rail (鉄道) and Santa Clara Valley () Transportation Authority (権力) ( VTA ) light rail and bus (バス) systems.

Going south from the downtown station, there are approximately () four blocks with a high concentration (集中) of diverse (別の) restaurants (レストラン), cafes (喫茶店), and shops (買い物をする). Chez (〜の家で) TJ, one of the few restaurants rated by the prestigious (一流の) Michelin Guide (ガイド) in the Bay Area (湾岸地域), is located a block from Castro Street on Villa (別荘) Street. Tied (〜を結ぶ) House, located next door, was one of the first brewpubs (工場直営パブ) to open in the Bay Area, and remains a popular (人気がある) stop in (途中で立ち寄る) downtown.

Castro Street in downtown Mountain View

The core (中心部) of downtown is the plaza shared by City Hall, the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts and the award-winning (受賞した) Mountain View Public Library (公共図書館). Behind those buildings is Pioneer (先駆者) Park, which enjoys (楽しむ) a quiet (静かな) environment (環境) resulting from (〜に由来する) the City Hall building blocking out (遮る) the noise () from Castro Street. The Plaza between City Hall and the Performing Arts Center is a well-used (よく利用される) spot (場所) for community gatherings and events, and features an impressive (印象的な) collection of (〜の一群) public art (公衆芸術). The Mountain View Police Department (警察) is located two blocks away from Castro Street on Villa Street.

Since 1971, the city has held the annual (毎年の) Mountain View Art & Wine (ワイン) Festival () on Castro Street by closing down the street (通りを進んで) to traffic (交通) for two days. There is a farmer's market in the Caltrain parking lot (駐車場) every Sunday (毎週日曜日に) morning. Every summer (毎夏), once a month (月に1回), the city celebrates (祝う) Thursday (木曜日) Night Live ( TNL ) by closing off (閉鎖する) Castro street to cars and providing live music events and car shows on Castro Street.

[edit] Notable points of interest

[edit] Economy

Mountain View is one of the major cities that make up Silicon Valley, and has many notable Silicon Valley companies either headquartered there or with a large presence (存在).

[edit] Notable companies

The following notable companies are headquartered in Mountain View :

The Googleplex, the headquarters of Google and formerly (以前は) Silicon Graphics (グラフィックス) ( SGI )
Intuit headquarters
The site of the former Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, the first silicon device company in Silicon Valley

Other notable companies with significant presences in Mountain View include :

[edit] Economic past

The now defunct (死んだ) Arrow () Dynamics (力学) ( formerly Arrow Development Company ), a rollercoaster (急激な動きの) design and manufacturing (作る) company, was originally (当初は) founded and based in (〜を本拠としている) Mountain View. During its time in Mountain View, Arrow was contracted to (〜を請け負う) build many of the original (最初の) rides (乗車) at Disneyland.[9]

Other companies formerly headquartered in Mountain View include :

Due to its past history as a center for semiconductor manufacturing, Mountain View has seven sites on the Environmental Protection (環境保全) Agency (機関)`s Final National Priorities (先行) List ( NPL ), a list of hazardous waste (危険廃棄物) sites in the United States eligible for (〜にふさわしい) long-term (長期の) remedial action (是正措置) financed (〜に出資する) under the federal Superfund (大型基金) program. The sites were formerly used by (消費期限〜) companies including Fairchild Semiconductor, Intel, Raytheon, and Teledyne. These seven sites make up a portion of the 22 NPL sites in Santa Clara County, which are included in (〜の仲間入りをする) the total of (総勢〜の) 94 sites in California.[10]

[edit] Top employers

According to the City's 2011 Comprehensive (総合試験) Annual Financial Report,[11] the top employers in the city are :

# Employer # of employees (従業員)
1 Google 10,000
2 Symantec 2,793
3 El Camino Hospital 2,224
4 Microsoft 2,000
5 Intuit 1,778
6 LinkedIn 1,306
7 Synopsys 1,047
8 KPMG 685
9 Microsemi 240
10 Siemens (ジーメンス) 229

[edit] Demographics

Historical (歴史の) populations
Census Pop (ポップ).
1910 1,161
1920 1,888 62.6%
1930 3,308 75.2%
1940 3,946 19.3%
1950 6,563 66.3%
1960 30,889 370.7%
1970 54,132 75.2%
1980 58,655 8.4%
1990 67,365 14.8%
2000 70,708 5.0%
2010 74,066 4.7%
source :[12]

[edit] 2010

The 2010 United States Census[13] reported that Mountain View had a population of 74,066. The population density (人口密度) was 6,034.8 people per square mile (2,330.0/km²). The racial (民族の) makeup (構成) of Mountain View was 41,468 (56.0%) White, 1,629 ( 2.2 % ) African (アフリカ人) American, 344 ( 0.5 % ) Native American (アメリカ先住民), 19,232 ( 26.0 % ) Asian (アジア人), 391 ( 0.5 % ) Pacific (太平洋) Islander (島民), 7,241 ( 9.8 % ) from other races, and 3,761 ( 5.1 % ) from two or more (二つ以上) races. Hispanic (ヒスパニック) or Latino (ラテン・アメリカ人) of any race were 16,071 persons ( 21.7 % ) .

The Census reported that 73,801 people ( 99.6 % of the population ) lived in households (家庭), 145 ( 0.2 % ) lived in non-institutionalized group quarters (4分の1), and 120 ( 0.2 % ) were institutionalized (制度化する).

There were 31,957 households, out of which 8,731 ( 27.3 % ) had children under the age of (_歳未満) 18 living in them, 13,806 ( 43.2 % ) were opposite-sex married couples (夫婦) living together (同居する), 2,456 ( 7.7 % ) had a female householder with no husband () present, 1,253 ( 3.9 % ) had a male householder with no wife present. There were 1,928 ( 6.0 % ) unmarried (未婚者) opposite-sex partnerships (パートナーシップ), and 280 ( 0.9 % ) same-sex married couples or partnerships. 10,961 households ( 34.3 % ) were made up of (〜で構成されている) individuals and 2,471 ( 7.7 % ) had someone living alone (単独で) who was 65 years of age (成年である) or older. The average household size was 2.31. There were 17,515 families ( 54.8 % of all households ); the average family size (家族の大きさ) was 3.01.

The population was spread (広がる) out with (〜を追い出せ) 14,595 people ( 19.7 % ) under the age of 18, 5,401 people ( 7.3 % ) aged 18 to 24, 28,577 people ( 38.6 % ) aged 25 to 44, 17,647 people ( 23.8 % ) aged 45 to 64, and 7,846 people ( 10.6 % ) who were 65 years of age or older. The median age (年齢の中央値) was 35.9 years. For every 100 females there were 103.6 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over (〜以上), there were 103.5 males.

There were 33,881 housing units (単位) at an average density of 2,760.6 per square mile (1,065.9/km²), of which 13,332 (41.7%) were owner-occupied (持ち主自身が住んでいる), and 18,625 (58.3%) were occupied (居住する) by renters (借家人). The homeowner (自宅所有者) vacancy rate (空き室率) was 1.3%; the rental (賃借) vacancy rate was 4.4%. 32,002 people (43.2% of the population) lived in owner-occupied housing units and 41,799 people (56.4%) lived in rental housing units.

[edit] 2000

As of the census[14] of 2000, there were 70,708 people, 31,242 households, and 15,902 families residing in (〜に属する) the city. The population density was 2,263.7/km² (5,861.4/mi²). There were 32,432 housing units at an average density of 1,038.3/km² (2,688.5/mi²). The racial makeup of the city was 63.77% White, 2.53 % African American, 0.39 % Native American, 20.67 % Asian, 0.26 % Pacific Islander, 8.32 % from other races, and 4.07 % from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 18.26 % of the population.

There were 31,242 households out of which 23.3 % had children under the age of 18 living with them, 40.0 % were married couples living together, 7.3 % had a female householder with no husband present, and 49.1 % were non-families. 35.6 % of all households were made up of individuals and 7.0 % had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.25 and the average family size was 2.97.

In the city the population was spread out with 18.0 % under the age of 18, 8.3 % from 18 to 24, 43.4 % from 25 to 44, 19.8 % from 45 to 64, and 10.5 % who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 35 years. For every 100 females there were 106.8 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 106.9 males.

According to a 2007 estimate (評価) the median (中央値) income (収入) for a household in the city was $ 82,648, and the median income for a family was $ 105,079.[15] Males had a median income of $ 64,585 versus () $ 44,358 for females. The per capita (一人当たり) income for the city was $ 39,693. About 3.6 % of families and 6.8 % of the population were below (〜以下で) the poverty line (最低生活線), including 7.2 % of those under age (未成年で) 18 and 5.9 % of those age 65 or over.

[edit] Government

Mountain View City Hall

Mountain View has a council-manager government system. An executive (幹部) city manager (市政代行官) is in charge of several departments, while the city council (市議会), supported by (〜の後援の下に) several boards, commissions (委員会), and committees (委員会), is the legislature (議会) responsible for the ordinances (条例) of the city code. The executive in turn (同じく) enforces (実行する) the code and promulgates (広める) administrative (管理の) regulations (規制) to execute (実行する) it. The city clerk (事務員) and attorney (弁護士) perform supporting roles. The Community Development (地域開発) Department is the agency responsible for planning and zoning (帯状に取巻く).[16]

[edit] State and Federal legislators

In the state legislature (州議会) Mountain View is located in the 13th (13日) Senate (上院) District, represented by (〜によって代表される) Democrat (民主党) Elaine Alquist, and in the 22nd Assembly (集合) District, represented by Democrat Paul Fong. Federally (連邦政府によって), Mountain View is located in California's 14th (第14の) congressional district (下院選挙区), which has a Cook (料理人) PVI of D +18[17] and is represented by Democrat Anna (アンナ) Eshoo.

[edit] Education

Mountain View has eleven (11歳) notable public schools (公立学校) and four notable private schools (私立学校).

[edit] Public

The public elementary (単純な) ( Bubb, Castro, Huff (立腹), Landels, Monta Loma (頂上が平たくなっている丘), Stevenson, and Theuerkauf ) and middle schools (中学校) ( Crittenden and Graham (グレアム) ) are governed (支配する) by the Mountain View-Whisman School District (学区).[18] Springer (跳ぶ人) Elementary, although located within the borders (国内で) of Mountain View, is governed by the Los Altos School District. The public high schools are governed by the Mountain View-Los Altos (アルト) Union High School District and consist of Alta Vista (眺め) High School, Mountain View High School, and Los Altos High School.[19] Mountain View High and Los Altos High each contain approximately 50 % Los Altos residents and 50 % Mountain View residents. Some Mountain View residents attend (参加する) Almond (アーモンド) Elementary and Egan Junior High (中学校) in the Los Altos School District. Many of Mountain View's schools boast (〜を持つ) test scores among the best (中でも一番良い) in California.

Mountain View taxes a large portion of (〜の大部分) its most valuable (重要な) commercial (商業の) and industrial (工業の) properties (財産) in the Shoreline Regional (地方の) Park Community at very low relative (関係のある) levels, and until the creation (作品) of a joint-powers agreement (契約) ( JPA ) in 2006, none (決して〜ない) of those property taxes (財産税) reached the local schools. After the creation of the JPA, the Shoreline Regional Park Community will be sharing less than $ 1 million per year (1年に) with the elementary and high school districts.[20][21]

A citizen-supported parcel (包み) tax, largely (大いに) aimed at (〜を目指す) reducing class size, was recently renewed (繰り返す) with an overwhelming (入れる) positive (確かな) vote.[22] The current ratio (割合) of students to full-time-equivalent teachers in the Mountain View public elementary schools (小学校) is 20.4 to one.[23]

[edit] Private

Notable private schools in Mountain View include : Saint (聖人) Francis (フランシス島) High School, a Roman Catholic (カトリック教徒) secondary school (中等学校); German (ドイツ人) International School of Silicon Valley( GISSV ), a PK-12 German-English bilingual (二言語使用の) international school ; Yew (イチイ) Chung (チュン) International School of Silicon Valley, a PK-12 Chinese-English bilingual international school; and St. Stephen Lutheran (ルター派) School, a K-8 school.

[edit] Library

Mountain View has one central (中央の) public library, the Mountain View Public Library, offering video (テレビ), music, books, self-check (自己検査) out, and access to the Internet (ネット利用). During fiscal year (会計年度) 2006-7: 810,589 customers (顧客) visited the Library. Circulation (循環) was more than 1 (2以上).4 million, 105,870 reference and information questions were answered, 36,693 children listened to stories and participated in children's programs and 27,342 new books (新刊書) and media (中間) items (項目) were added to the collection (収集) which includes holdings of 300,000, including 210,000 books and 423 periodical (雑誌) subscriptions (加入). The library also provides valuable outreach (手を伸ばすこと) services through the bookmobile (移動図書館) and S.O.S. volunteer (ボランティア) program to those in Mountain View, who are unable to come to the main branch (部門). The building was built in (作り付けにする) 1997. The second floor (2階) of the library has a special collection in a room (室内に) devoted to (〜に専念する) the history of Mountain View, next to a portrait of (〜の肖像) Don (ドン川) Mariano Castro, for whom (誰に) the downtown main street (大通り) is named. The library hosts (多数) the innovative (革新的な) Mountain View Reads Together program.[24]

[edit] Infrastructure

[edit] Transportation

Caltrain commuter rail at (〜に憤慨する) the Downtown Mountain View Station

The Downtown Mountain View Station is the transit center for the city, connecting (接続する) the public commuter rail, light rail, bus, and private shuttle (シャトル) systems. Mountain View is served by (普及している) the Caltrain commuter rail system, which runs from (〜から逃れる) San Francisco to Gilroy. The two Caltrain stations in the city are Downtown Mountain View Station and San Antonio (サンアントニオ) Station. The city is also served by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority ( VTA ), which operates (働く) various (さまざまな) bus lines (バス会社) and the light rail system (路面電車). There are a total of five stations in the city on the Mountain View – Winchester (ウィンチェスター) VTA light rail line, with Downtown Mountain View Station serving as the northern (北の) terminus (終点), while the other four stations are Evelyn (エベリン・マーロイ法), Whisman, Middlefield, and Bayshore/NASA. Many large local employers ( including Google, Microsoft, Apple (リンゴ) Inc., and NASA Ames Research Center) operate employee shuttles that stop at (〜に滞在する) the Downtown Mountain View Station.

The nearest major airports (飛行場) are San Jose International Airport (国際空港) ( SJC ) , San Francisco International Airport (サンフランシスコ国際空港) ( SFO ), and Oakland (オークランド) International Airport ( OAK (オーク) ), in that order. Moffett Federal Airfield is located just north of Mountain View, but it is restricted to (〜を制限される) government, military, and private use. The nearest general aviation (航空) airport is the Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County.

[edit] Utilities

On August (8月) 16, 2006, after over a year of test deployments (展開), Google declared (示す), as planned (計画通りに), that its implementation (実施) for free (無料で) IEEE 802.11g wireless (ラジオ) service for all of the City was fully (完全に) operational (使用可能な).[25] Mountain View is the first city in the United States entirely (全く) covered by (〜の適用を受けている) a free wireless Internet (インターネット) access network (アクセス網) provided by Google.

[edit] Sister cities

The Mountain View Sister City Affiliation (加入) was incorporated in (〜に組み込まれる) 1974 as an independent (独立した) non-profit (非営利の) governed by a Board of Directors (取締役会). Mountain View is affiliated with (〜に加盟している) the cities of Iwata, Japan (日本) and Hasselt (ハセルト), Belgium (ベルギー).[26]

[edit] Notable residents

Notable people born in Mountain View include former Women's World Golf (G) Rankings number two (2番目の人) Paula Creamer (クリーム色の), seven-time Academy Award (アカデミー賞) for Best Art Direction (方向) nominee (受取人) Carroll Clark, Heroes (英雄) and Entourage (側近) supporting actor (俳優) Assaf Cohen, 2000 500cc Road Racing World Champion (世界チャンピオン) Kenny Roberts, Jr., and two-time (裏切る) Super (監督) Bowl (ボウル) champion (チャンピオン) Tully Banta-Cain. Online (オンライン) educator (教育者) Salman Khan () resides in Mountain View.

[edit] References

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