I'm a software engineer living in Tokyo, Japan. My hobby is watching TV programs of NHK education.

If you see a person typing the keybord of a Thinkpad notebook in the back of the Shinjuku-west-gate shop of Ginza Renoir, it's me.

The other profile is the following.

birth date:
Sat, 11th February 1978
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. It's for 8 minutes walking from the Gakugeidaigaku station of the Tokyu-Toyoko line.


1978-02-11born in Tokorozawa city, Saitama pref., Japan
1990-03graduated from Wakamatsu elementary school
1993-03graduated from Higashi junior high school
1996-03graduated from Tokorozawa high school
2001-03graduated from the policy science department of Ritsumeikan univ.
2001-04-01entered Fuji Xerox, Co., Ltd.
2003-02-08released the initial version of QDBM
2003-12-24released the initial version of Estraier
2005-04-16released the initial version of Hyper Estraier
2005-10awarded "super creator" of Exploratory Software Project, IPA Japan
2006-05-31left Fuji Xerox, Co., Ltd.
2006-06-01entered mixi, Co., Ltd.
2007-08-12released the initial version of Tokyo Cabinet
2007-10awarded IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award
2007-11-23got married
2008-01-20released the initial version of Tokyo Tyrant
2008-04-20released the initial version of Tokyo Dystopia
2009-08-05released the initial version of Tokyo Promenade
2009-08-10got the first daughter
2009-12-26released the initial version of Kyoto Cabinet
2010-07-31left mixi, Co., Ltd.
2010-09-06released the initial version of Kyoto Tycoon
2010-10awarded Rakuten technology award Gold
2011-02entered Google Inc.
2012-02-27got the second daughter