qdbm::Curia Member List

This is the complete list of members for qdbm::Curia, including all inherited members.
bnum()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
busenum()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
close()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
Curia(const char *name, int omode=Curia::OREADER, int bnum=-1, int dnum=-1)qdbm::Curia
DCATqdbm::Curia [static]
deleterec(const Datum &key)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
DKEEPqdbm::Curia [static]
DOVERqdbm::Curia [static]
EALLOCqdbm::Curia [static]
EBROKENqdbm::Curia [static]
ECLOSEqdbm::Curia [static]
EFATALqdbm::Curia [static]
EKEEPqdbm::Curia [static]
ELOCKqdbm::Curia [static]
EMAPqdbm::Curia [static]
EMISCqdbm::Curia [static]
EMKDIRqdbm::Curia [static]
EMODEqdbm::Curia [static]
ENOERRqdbm::Curia [static]
ENOITEMqdbm::Curia [static]
EOPENqdbm::Curia [static]
EREADqdbm::Curia [static]
ERMDIRqdbm::Curia [static]
error()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
ESEEKqdbm::Curia [static]
ESTATqdbm::Curia [static]
ESYNCqdbm::Curia [static]
ETRUNCqdbm::Curia [static]
EUNLINKqdbm::Curia [static]
EWRITEqdbm::Curia [static]
fatalerror()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
fetchrec(const Datum &key)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
firstkey()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
fsiz()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
fsizd()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
get(const char *kbuf, int ksiz, int start=0, int max=-1, int *sp=0)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
getlob(const char *kbuf, int ksiz, int start=0, int max=-1, int *sp=0)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
getlobfd(const char *kbuf, int ksiz)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
getwb(const char *kbuf, int ksiz, int start, int max, char *vbuf)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
inode()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
iterinit()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
iternext(int *sp=0)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
mtime()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
name()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
nextkey()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
OCREATqdbm::Curia [static]
OLCKNBqdbm::Curia [static]
ONOLCKqdbm::Curia [static]
optimize(int bnum=-1)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
OREADERqdbm::Curia [static]
OSPARSEqdbm::Curia [static]
OTRUNCqdbm::Curia [static]
out(const char *kbuf, int ksiz)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
outlob(const char *kbuf, int ksiz)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
OWRITERqdbm::Curia [static]
put(const char *kbuf, int ksiz, const char *vbuf, int vsiz, int dmode=Curia::DOVER)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
putlob(const char *kbuf, int ksiz, const char *vbuf, int vsiz, int dmode=Curia::DOVER)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
remove(const char *name)qdbm::Curia [static]
rnum()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
rnumlob()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
setalign(int align)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
setfbpsiz(int size)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
snaffle(const char *name, const char *kbuf, int ksiz, int *sp)qdbm::Curia [static]
storerec(const Datum &key, const Datum &val, bool replace=true)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
sync()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
version()qdbm::Curia [static]
vsiz(const char *kbuf, int ksiz)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
vsizlob(const char *kbuf, int ksiz)qdbm::Curia [virtual]
writable()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
~ADBM()qdbm::ADBM [virtual]
~Curia()qdbm::Curia [virtual]
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